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Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to rent a motor home?

The minimum age for the vehicle hirer and driver is 21 years.
This person should have been in possession of a valid driving license (B category) for at least three years.
In the rental station you should have your passport, and EUR 900 returnable deposit.
Rental fee should be paid in advance.

How to reserve the vehicle?

You can reserve the vehicle by phone, by e-mail or in our rental station. The rental station team will send you
a written confirmation together with the rental agreement.
A deposit of 50 % from the agreement sum is to be made by the customer within 10 days of receipt of this written confirmation
and signing of rental agreement.
If the down payment is not received within the above 10 day period,
the rental agreement may no longer be binding for the rental agent.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, minimum rental period is 4-5 days during value and off season, 7 days during mid and peak season.

When and how one can take and return motor home?

Hand-over and return times are: Monday to Friday 10.00-18.00 pm. No vehicle hand-over or returns
are possible at weekends and public holidays.
Deviations to the above hand-over or return times must be cleared by the appropriate HYMER-rent agent.

Transfer to airport? Transfer to Riga airport - free of charge if rental period is 14 days or more!

For less rental period, transfer to Riga airport - 30EUR.

What are the regulations while returning motor home?

The vehicles are cleaned inside and with full fuel tank before they are handed over and must be returned in
the same clean condition with the full tank of fuel.

How to act in case of accident or breakdown?

In case of accident or breakdown, please call your HYMER-rental station immediately.
Outside of working hours please call the HYMER-euro pass Service-Hotline:
+46/1802/496373. When calling from outside , please contact the ADAC emergency number which is
available throughout the year.